Ashley Napier

I recently graduated with from Shippensburg University with a M.S. in Communication and Journalism. In undergrad I also studied communication earning a B.A. from Temple University in 2002. At Temple University, I took a photojournalism course and it pretty much shaped the rest of my life and career.

I have been shooting photos and working as a graphic designer/webmaster and communication ninja for the past ten years. I have had the awesome opportunities to work for small and large non-profit organizations producing a variety of print resources from business cards to posters to brochures. I have designed many websites using DreamWeaver (when it belong to Macromedia) and greeted happily the emergence of CMS (it gave me back my life).

I am also a Principal in the company, FitzHitz Music Group and its subsidiary, FitzHitz Media. As the executive director of FitzHitz Media, I bring mutimedia solutions to artist or small businesses on a grassroots budget.

I hope this portfolio reflects the passion and creativity that put into all my work.

Please look for a portfolio of my work (outside of Carbonmade) coming soon.


Print/Web Press Non-profit Marketing Desktop Publishing Graphic Design Copywriting Print Design Photography


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